Frequently asked questions

What type of wax do BlacKandleS use?

BlacKandleS use a blend of purely natural coconut & soy wax as it has the highest performance of any Kandle making wax available. This luxurious blend produces a smooth Kandle which is creamy in it's appearance however, it not only looks good, it is Australian made and it has an extraordinarily long shelf life.

What is the best way to store BlacKandleS?

All KandleS are best stored in a cool, dry space away from direct sunlight and kept under 30 degrees celcius. It is best to to wrap your KandleS to help prevent cracking and fading. If you have stored your KandleS for quite some time, check to ensure that the KandleS are still in the same condition as when you purchased them. If any sign of separating or degradation please do not ignite.

What is the best way to remove spilt wax?

Due to the many various surfaces that the wax could be spilt on it is best to seek professional advise for any spillages. Preventing spills is always better than having to worry about removing wax from any surface. Ensure your KandleS are well kept and prevent them from being left anywhere they could be knocked over to help minimise any risk.

How do I set the memory of my BlacKandles?

It is important when you first light your BlacKandleS that you allow enough time to set the memory of the KandleS. You do this by lighting the Kandle for 1 hour for every 2.5cm of diameter of the individual KandleS. (For example, 5cm diameter Kandle you keep lit for 2 hours.) This will ensure that the wax pool extends across the candle to the outer rim of the glass. By doing this for it's very first light, every time you light your BlacKandleS they will burn to the outer rim every single time you light them. The reason it is so important to set your BlacKandleS memory is to ensure you get maximum burn time every time.

Can I burn my BlacKandleS outdoors?

BlacKandleS should only ever be used indoors. (Like all KandleS) Kandle flames should always be placed in a position that allows them to burn vertically. Avoid leaving your KandleS in a draught or breezeway. Draughts cause smoking from the wick and can cause hot spots on your glasswear which can cause the glass to shatter in some cases. If you find that your KandleS are in a draught or breezeway, please extinguish immediatly and place in a draught free area indoors.

What is the maximum time I can burn my BlacKandleS?

You should not let any of your BlacKandleS burn for more than 3 hours at any one time. This is not possible though when setting the memory of our large Kandle as it's diameter is larger than 7.5cm. When setting the memory of a Kandle with a diameter greater than 7.5cm, keep it under strict supervision and extinguish as soon as the burn reaches the outer rim. Surpassing this amount of time can lead to an excess of heat and wick mushrooming which can leave debris in your KandleS. Debris from wick mushrooming can lead to wax pool fires which need to be extinguised immediatly. In the event of a wax pool fire, treat it as you would an oil or grease fire and remove the oxygen supply. You can do this by placing a bucket of sand on the fire or a steel pan over the burning Kandle to remove the supply of oxygen. NEVER put water or attempt to blow out a wax pool fire as it will only fan the fire. Wether you intend to burn your BlacKandleS for 1 hour or 3 hours, you must NEVER leave any lit Kandle unattended.

What is the best way to extinguish my BlacKandleS?

The only safe way to extinguish a Kandle is to use a Kandle snuff. This reduces smoking of the wick and ensures the life of your BlacKandleS. Blowing the KandleS out increases the risk of wax splashing out of the glass tumbler causing wax spills and potential skin burns.

Do I need to trim the wick of my BlacKandleS?

BlacKandleS use the highest quality wicks. Even with this in mind, it is imperative that before use every time, the wick needs to be trimmed to approximately 6mm. Using a wick trimmer ensures a neat cut which will help to prevent getting any debris in your BlacKandleS which will help to prevent possible wax pool fires. It also helps to prevent any staining on the glasswear.

General BlacKandleS safety instructions for KandleS

Never leave burning KandleS unattended Keep KandleS out of reach from children and pets Leave your Kandles in a well ventilated area, free from draughts and breezeways Ensure all packaging and wrapping is removed before lighting KandleS Never place burning KandleS near flammable & combustible items Never place burning KandleS on flammable surfaces Never have your burning KandleS near a secondary heat source e.g. electrical appliances etc Never burn any KandleS for more than 3 hours (see exception in Kandle memory setting) Keep wax pool free from debris, dust or foreign objects Remove any debris if present Always trim wick to 6mm before lighting Always use your Kandle snuff when extinguishing KandleS Never burn any KandleS down past the last 1cm of wax in the glass tumbler Never leave a Kandle on a surface without a tray or plate to protect Never move a lit Kandle and always allow to cool before attempting to touch We recommend using a turbo lighter or matches when lighting your BlacKandleS for safety Disgard any glass tumbler with a crack or chip in it

How often do I need to flip my diffuser reeds?

When you flip your diffuser reeds it helps to reinvigorate the beautiful scents and releases more of the aroma throughout the room. It is advised that you flip the scented reeds once a week however if you find that you can't get enough of your scents for the senses you can even flip them daily. Please ensure that you adhere to the care instructions when doing so.

General BlacKandleS safety instructions for diffusers

Do not light the diffuser reeds Ensure diffusers are kept out of reach of children and pets Keep your diffuser in an area where they can not be knocked over. If spilt, diffuser fluid may stain surfaces. Wipe away any spilt fluid immediately. Do not put near mouth or swallow Do not allow liquid to come in contact with skin, textiles or finished surfaces. If this happens wash skin or surfaces with warm soapy water. Keep away from heat Keep diffuser fluid away from wood and plastic surfaces

How long with my BlacKandleS diffuser last?

BlacKandleS diffusers are designed to last approximatly 6 months. There are several different factors that will effect this. For best results keep out of direct sunlight, away from heat sources and out of breezeways. Another factor which can effect this is how often you flip the diffuser reeds. If you are someone who likes to keep invigorating and flipping the reeds this will reduce the length of time that the diffuser fluid will last.

What is the best way to flip BlacKandleS diffuser reeds?

Be sure that when you flip your diffuser reeds that you do so over the sink. Please ensure that you don't flick the fluid onto yourself or your clothing. Once you have finished wipe the bottle with a clean damp cloth and wash your hands with warm soapy water.