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A love of running brought Steve & I together a few years ago.  (And a good nudge by a mutual friend) Today we live together with 5 of our beautiful children in the peaceful bayside suburb of Manly West.  This is where we still run with the 5 kids to this day!

A recent opportunity arose which meant that a lifelong love of all things that smell amazing, led us here to BlacKandleS. 

Anyone that knows me would also know that I also have a profound love of the colour black.  I see it being opulent, effortlessly stylish, elegant and timeless.  Hence why when it came to naming our business baby, there didn't seem to be another option as black embodies everything we want our products to be.

BlacKandleS aim to provide you with scents to awaken your senses. We want your KandleS to be an overall luxurious experience. From the premium, Australian made coconut soy wax; the high quality pressed glassware; to the heavenly fragrances that each one of our KandleS releases.  Each one of our BlacKandleS is lovingly handmade to ensure the overall experience leaves you wanting more.

Oh, and as to the why capital K&S for when it comes to BlacKandleS .... Well when I started writing the name down I noticed that it has both S for Steve and the K for Kel.  I realised that it couldn't be ignored.  Everything in this life is better because we are in it together.  I figured that BlacKandleS should be no different. 


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BlacKandleS take great pride in looking after the individual Kandle connoisseur but we also specialise in corporate gifts, annual KandleS subscriptions (delivered monthly or bi-monthly) and wholesale orders

No order too big or too small

We also offer free delivery within 48 hours to locals to the Wynnum/Manly area


If you have any questions please feel free to contact BlacKandleS

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